Armenian “Turandot” scored off against the Italians

July 31st, 2012
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 Armenian  “Turandot” scored off against the Italians 

This is the opinion of specialists after the Armenian premiere of “Turandot”

The Armenian premiere as a concert performance of Puccini’s “Turandot” opera, one of the masterpieces of all-time opera literature, which took place at the beginning of July and was repeated on July 28 thus concluding the APO 2011-2012 concert season, still remains in the limelight of the experts as one of the main musical events of the year. Armenian audience of operatic art is not always given such a chance to deal with masterpieces of such caliber performed on a highest level like it was with Eduard Topchjan’s version of “Turandot”.

Our distinguished artists, who has given post-performance interviews to the ”Aravot” newspaper, including composers Tigran Mansuryan, Vache Sharafyan, Yervand Yerkanyan, conductors Ohannes Tchekidjian, Yuri Davtyan, Robert Mlqeyan and others – expressed their astonishment towards the quality of the  Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, State Academic Capella and “Speghani” choir, our renowned soloists such as Irina Zaqyan, Sargis Torosyan, Richard Madlenyan, Gurgen Baveyan, Sargis Aghamalyan, Berj Karazyan, Hovsep Nshanyan, and a well-known in the world South-Korean tenor Enrico Lee engaged in this “Turandot’s” concert performance. They consider Siranush Gasparyan – who performed “Turandot’s” demanding vocal part for the first time in her life and isn’t so known in our art circles – a revelation, appreciating her performance as the most important one. Robert Mlqeyan even assured that Armenian “Turandot” scored off against the Italians.

“The Aravot” newspaper referred to Siranush Gasparyan back in 2009-2010 when she took part in a concert together with “Veratsnund” chamber orchestra under the baton of Ruben Asatryan at the Komitas Chamber Music Hall, and this year in spring she was recognized as the best singer at the National Competition of Young Concertmasters named after Heghine Ter-Ghevondyan. Her concertmaster Artyom Abrahamyan, a student at the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, has  got a Grand Prix there. The singer doesn’t have a rich stage-biography: today she works as an illustrator at the department of Concert-mastery Preparation at the Yerevan State Conservatory. With regard to this, the most important fact is not her employment, but her exceptional vocal quality, which allowed her to perform one of the hardest parts of the opera literature for the first time inArmenia.

But why is Siranush Gasparyan’s name unknown to the society of operatic art admirers? According to the singer one of the reasons is her being occupied with her wonderful family. What refers to the wide-spread gossip that her husband, Ter Asoghik, the director of the archives of The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, is to blame that she is rarely met at concert halls and at the Opera Theatre, Siranush stated: “My husband is a connoisseur of classical music. Yes, maybe he knows music and performers better than me. To performing on stage of the Opera Theatre I prefer concert performances of operas. It’s a long time since I have been cooperating with pianist-concertmaster Anna Mandalyan.” To the remark that after “Turandot” it seems impossible to surprise us with another vocal part, Siranush said, that for example, Wagner’s operas are very close to her soul.

Referring to her Turandot, we should mention that other artists, who have spoken to us, assured that Armenian singer can appear on any stage especially with this vocal part. In addition, we should mention, that today one of the best Turandots of the world is our compatriot Marina Muradyan-Gulegina, who was once refused to be employed by the authorities of the Yerevan Opera Theatre about 25 years ago, but the Mariinsky Theatre of Saint Petersburg accepted her heartily. NowadaysMarinaworks at the “Metropolitan” Theatre in New York with a five-year contract. The paradox is that two Armenian Turandots are out of the National Opera Theatre.


Samvel Danielyan

The Aravot, July, 2012

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